Information required in C.V

We need to send your CV in English to assess it and include it in our database.

For this you must send your cv to email:

Attached to a file in Word or PDF format

You can tell in the mail in which offers or countries are interested or are your job preferences.
Then we can find the deals that fit your job profile.

You must include the following information in your C.V:

Personal data:
Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone, Email, Skypename, photografy

Academic Background:
egrees obtained from the most recent to the first

Never include qualifications that have nothing to do with the job offer.

Masters, specializations, Courses, Seminars, Publications, etc..

Professional experience:

Years of experience, Workplace, Charge
Include your work experience cv from newest to oldest.

Never include professional experience other than that required by the Offer.

It is important to explain your duties and responsabilities in each position

Languages Skills

Level, Diplomas and certificates.

References, Motivations, Volunteer, Driving license, Hobbies, etc. ..

Total years worked in each position, duties and responsabilities

For Nurses and Nursing Assistants interested in working in UK

It´s necessary to get the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). The NMC is the number of collegiate necessary to work in the UK.

In this link: can inform of the steps to obtain them.

Process of obtaining the NMC.

Documents to send:

Application form; apply through online questionnaire on the website To be completed by family physician and nursing school

Certified copy of passport and title by a notary

Original certificate of no criminal record (in court)

Original birth certificate in multilingual version (online at the website of the Ministry of Justice)

Letter of recommendation


Charter Financial: approx £ 110 plus £ 100 annual.

Certified translations of all documents into English.

You can contact us for help at any of these procedures as well as for certified translation of your documents.

We work with an agency that is responsible for certified translations of your documents. Special price through us perform them.

Language Courses

IGM offers online courses to improve your English specific to nursing.

Contact us at email:

Specific English for registered nurses

In this link you can download several English papers specific to nursing. Highly recommended
It will help you improve your English in order to better face interviews and learn vocabulary and expressions of your profession.

Tips to pass a job interview in English

You have to pass a job interview in English? These tips will help you overcome it successfully.

Download this file

Help for interview.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [129.6 KB]

Certified translation of documents

IGM advises and helps you to make a certified translation of the documents that you need.