Job Offers


IGM personal recruitment offers the following Job opportunities in different countries:

v  Norway

  • Optometrists with good level of English and Nurses for public Hospitals.


v  Holland

  • Nurses with medium level of English and experience are required in public and private Hospitals.
  • Specialized Doctors
  • Dentists


v  Germany

  • Nurses without German knowledge are required in elderly houses and clinics.
  • Nurses with German A1 for clinic of palliative care
  • Doctors specializing in Gastroenterology with German B2.


v  UK and Ireland

  • Nurses with NMC in process and English B1 to work in Hospitals and Care Homes with experience in: O.R, Mental Health, ICU, Pediatrics and Midwives.
  • Social Workers and Social Educators
  • NMC number process for Nurses to work in UK: 

v  France

  • Specialized Doctors, Dentists and Physiotherapists with French B2 and experience (Cardiologist, Anesthesiologist, Oncology and occupational medicine).


v  Belgium

  • Specialized Doctors and Dentists.


v  Switzerland

  • Family and inner doctors with minimum 2 years of experience and high level of German are needed.


v  Austria

  • Younger Graduated in Medicine.


v  Sweden

  • Specialized Doctors in Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Pathology, Psychiatry and Internal Medicine.


v  Denmark

  • Specialized Doctors in Pathology, Psychiatry and Radiology.


v  Middle East 

  • High qualified Western trained specialists and specialized consultants are required in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.
  • Head nurses, Senior Nurses and Administration manager Nurses are required in Amman (Jordan).





If you are interested in any of these offers and want more detailed information please contact us and send us your complete CV in English to: