Service for Job Seekers

ü  Employment Agency Alert


  • Be alerted as soon as a recruiter reads your CV/Resume and call them minutes later to find out which of their vacancies you are suitable for.


ü  Personal Job Hunt Manager (Search & Application)


  • Your very own Personal Job Hunt Manager is a real person searching 100s of Europe and Asia job boards, employment agency and corporate job pages on your behalf.
  • You will be sent jobs that closely match your requirement for you to consider.
  • For each job you approve we will tailor and process your application for maximum impact with the recruiter.
  • Each application is then monitored; the feedback from recruiters is managed; and your Personal Job Hunt Manager directly contacts you with all positive responses from recruiters.
  • Advantages:
  1. Find jobs you would not have found alone.
  2. Tailored applications create maximum impact.
  3. Complete recruiter feedback management (telephone and email).


ü  Memory Refresher


  • Maybe some recruiters didn’t have a vacancy at the time, or maybe they will benefit from a reminder.    
  • Refresh their memory and have your details sent to

If you are qualified professional for any field searching for a job in a foreign country please insert your CV in our Job Bank and you will have all the services above for free